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  • NEGU..."Never Ever Give Up"

    NEGU..."Never Ever Give Up"

Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer



As many of you already know, my husband, Peter, was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer almost two years ago. However, after having the Whipple Procedure along with chemotherapy and radiation he is doing well and is enjoying what we call, his new normal.   We are very fortunate when you consider that the mortality rate for all Pancreatic Cancer patients is over 90%.  This was certainly made clear to us when Peter walked in the PurpleStride Oklahoma, earlier this year.   They called up all the survivors on stage and he stood with only eight other survivors out of hundreds of walkers.  And again, just recently when we attended our first PanCan Affiliate meeting in Charlotte, NC, they had everyone introduce themselves and he was the only survivor out of the 20 plus attendees. The rest being family or friends of those not so fortunate, but all of who care enough to try to do what they can to improve the chances for future Pancreatic Cancer patients.  Certainly,  a cure is the ultimate goal, but funding is also extremely important for early detection, which at this time is still not available.  We are passionate about bringing  awareness to the public because this deadly disease is on the rise.  


I know many of you already donated when Peter walked in Tulsa earlier this year. But perhaps you could forward a link to your friends as this isn’t about Peter, but rather giving a chance of survival to future Pancreatic patients.  Any donation will be greatly appreciated.


And if any of my Carolina friends would like to walk, run, volunteer or help raise funds for the September 9th PurpleStride, just register under the team, “Every Penni Counts” team banner.  Together we can truly make a difference!     



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