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Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

Welcome to the team page of Prancers Against Cancer!

Team Prancers Against Cancer thanks the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network – Baltimore Affiliate, Adam from PANCAN national office & the many volunteers for making PurpleStride Maryland 2016 a wonderful & successful experience.

Team Prancers Against Cancer raised $15,637 by October 9th – Stride Maryland.
I am PURPLE proud to announce our NEW TEAM TOTAL - $16,688.


Your overall goal is going to take time, dedication, a ton of willpower, sacrifice, anger sadness and pain. There will be times you’ll be tempted to walk away – but you must push your body and mind forward in order to achieve your goal.

When you reach that goal, you’ll know with a full heart the time and the struggle will have been worth it – You’ll feel tremendous pride in what you’ve accomplished.

Nothing Is Impossible With The Power Of Hope….Team Prancers Against Cancer proved that at PurpleStride Maryland 2016! 



***Special thanks extended to Run Moore, So What I Run and Sweet Frog - Westminster for stepping up to sponsor Team Prancers Against Cancer this year!***   


Team Prancers Against Cancer proudly supports many who are fighting this purple beast.
We do this through our “Striding For…” list. Those diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer never
WAGE HOPE alone. We do this “in support” and “in memory”…..and our list is ongoing!

The 2 names submitted to be worn on the 2016 PurpleStride Maryland event t-shirts are:

- ROSALIE LEHRMAN – who successfully underwent the Wipple procedure earlier this year!

- DAWN HILL – who recently passed the 1 year mile marker of diagnosis. Dawn has been in a Hopkins research trial for nearly a year! 


“Nothing Is Impossible With The Power Of Hope!”

Thank you for your support!!!

*** With heavy hearts, Team Prancers Against Cancer announces the death of their teammate and friend, NANCY JACOBS. Out of deep respect, the team has made the choice to honor NANCY JACOBS by adding her name to the event shirt. ***




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