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Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

Early 2008, we knew little about pancreatic cancer. By 2009, it had become very personal. Three siblings had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Larry was diagnosed in June, Frankie in September, and Nellie in December. Frankie lived two weeks from diagnoses and passed away 9/29/2008. Larry had a Whipple and chemo but passed away one year and one day from Frankie on 9/30/2009. Nellie had surgery and chemo and is an eight (8) year survivor!! We learned that our mother's sister had died of pancreatic cancer and our mother's brother had two daughters who had battled the beast. We know that our risk is greater because of the genetic component. But only 10% of the population fall in this catagory. That leaves 90% of all pancreatic cancer for ANYONE...maybe your loved one. In 2008, the survival rate was 6%. It is now 9%....but that's not good enough for my children, my grandchildren, my neices, my nephews, my cousins and it's not good enough for yours. We are fighting a battle for the next generation. Please help us double the survival rate by 2020. Your donations are making a difference in the fight. Please donate!

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