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Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

My Dad was one of the most kind, gentle hearted, funniest people you could ever meet. He always and I mean ALWAYS had a smile on his face. The most common question I am asked is if he ever got mad and the honest answer to that is no, unless I did something to my car.... :) He was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in October 2014 and lost a very hard fought battle in September 2015. The two main reasons I wage hope for him are 1) a couple of years prior to finding the cancer he was diagnosed with pre-diabetes which, in my opinion now, it was probably the cancer missed since it is so hard to find. As a result of that diagnosis we didn't think anything of him losing weight because he drastically changed what he had been eating and got really into riding his bike with my Mom. And 2) He had the whipple procedure done at one of the best known hospitals in the Midwest and afterwards we were told by one of the most prestigious doctors that they don't know what is next for him because there hasn't been enough reasearch. Both of those are very hard pills to swallow. So we Wage Hope to try and prevent other families from having to go through something like this and having to look back and say "What If." Please help us make a change in the future of Pancreatic Cancer.


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