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Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

The Reverend Doctor Jeff Bost was a wonderful husband, father, "Pop", brother, uncle, friend, minister...he was a wonderful man. He made the world a better place and did his best to love and care for others. His attitude was to always try and see the good in bad situations, to find the joy even in the darkest of times. He had the best sense of humor, and the most wonderful laugh. Jeff was truly a man full of joy!

In September 2015 Jeff and Maggie returned from a cruise to Alaska. Jeff wasn't feeling well and we all thought he had the flu. By the end of November 2015 stage IV pancreatic cancer had taken Jeff's life. Jeff was only 65 years old.

Pancreatic cancer was a foreign term to our family. This disease took everyone completely by surprise. Jeff never had any signs of cancer or any other illness. He had been healthy and active, running 5ks and working out daily at the YMCA, and his medical check-ups always came back normal. Pancreatic cancer was the last thing any of us would have ever suspected. We learned too late that in many cases, by the time pancreatic cancer is found, the cancer has normally already progressed too far.

Our team is following Jeff's example. We are going to find the good in this situation. We join Purple Stride to fight this disease in Jeffs honor and memory. We fight for a cure, we fight for support for families and caregivers, we fight for patients surviving and enduring. We fight because that is what Jeff did, and what he would want us to continue to do now. 

Please join us in supporting the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network by participating in PurpleStride. Join our Team "Jeff's Joy!" - Walk with our team, "Jeff's Joy!" on September 9th in First Ward Park in Charlotte, or donate in Jeff's honor. Your donation will help to double the survival rate for this deadly disease by 2020.

Most importantly we ask that you share Jeff's story. We don't want pancreatic cancer to take another family by surprise like it did ours. 

The Bost Girls -

Maggie Bost, Sarah Bost Dunning, and Megan Groll

PS - find the JOY everyday! 



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