• Mom & our immediate family on the last Gau family vacation

    Mom & our immediate family on the last Gau family vacation

Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

Plese join me in the fight against pancreatic cancer in loving memory of my Mom, Kathy Gau.

I find it difficult to come up with the words to describe how amazing of a woman, Mom was. For those of you that knew her, you know, For those of you that didn't get the opportunity, below is a transcript of the eulogy I had the honor of giving at her funeral Mass back in 2008. 


‘Jesus, I want to see your power and your love today”…words from Mom’s journal.

Well, Mom. You got your wish. As we gather here today to celebrate your life, we take comfort in knowing that you are in heaven with Jesus and I think we can all very much feel the power and love of Jesus present today in each other.

Mom would want me to go no further without saying ‘thank you’ to all of you that played a part in her life story.

To everyone, especially Mom’s dear friends: Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, visits, meals, mass intentions and cards. Mom’s lifetime of giving was certainly red-paid by all of you over the last year and a half.

To Dad: Thanks for ‘going with’ Mom and thanks for treating her like the special lady she was for forty-seven plus years. Thanks to you, she saw and did things that she never could have imagined.

To the rest of the ten: Thanks for the great care you all gave Mom over the last year and a half. She was certain God gave her ten kids just for that reason. Thanks for being such great role models for your children and for each other. Nothing would make Mom happier.

To the grandkids: Thank you for bringing such joy to Grandma’s life. She loves each of you very much and she’d want me to tell you that each of you have the power to make a positive difference in the world.

Self-less, full of energy, and filled with Christ’s faith. How better to describe Kathy Gau? From caring for her sick brother at a very young age to sending out greeting cards in her final days here on earth. Mom dedicated her life to others as evidenced by the incredible outpouring of support last night and today. We’ve all heard the question ‘What would you do if you knew you only had a year to live?’ For Mom, that question was not so hypothetical, and in typical Kathy Gau fashion, she dedicated her remaining time here on earth to all of us. ‘How can she manage to do that with having ten kids?? Your mother must be a saint!!’

How Mom had the energy to raise ten kids, bring in foster babies, love her husband, spoil nineteen grandchildren, host parties, write cards, care for others and take on so many projects here at church from Eucharistic Adoration to Pro-Life to the Martha’s…the list goes on and on, we will never know, but we all were certainly inspired by her.

Throughout her life, Mom was a very faith filled woman. Mom brought her faith with her to every encounter in her life and as of Tuesday, she began to reap the rewards of her sixty-seven years as a dedicated servant of Christ.

A part of Mom died Tuesday, but only a part. The part of Mom that died was just her physical body. A body that never learned to swim and that, by the end, was riddled with cancer. The greater part of God’s gift of Kathy Gau lives on in all of us thanks to the profound impact she had on each of our lives.

No matter how you knew her…as a friend, as Mrs. Gau, as Aunt Kathy, as Grandma, as Mom or simply as Kathy…her love for you will never die.

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