• Eddie thinking positive at his first and only chemo treatment October 17, 2013.

    Eddie thinking positive at his first and only chemo treatment October 17, 2013.

Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

I created this page and Purple Stride TEAM FASTEDDiE in the memory of my dear friend and father of my daughter, Eddie Gumtow. He was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer on September 11, 2013. He died of it on October 23, 2013--a mere 43 days after learning that he had it. He was only 53 years old. He wanted to fight his cancer and live life to its fullest! Quality of life and time with his family was of utmost importance to Eddie. He is the father of my daughter, Amanda, and he loved her with all of his heart. He was her very best friend, she was his angel and now he is hers. My sons, Jason and Jamie, also consider Eddie to be their "dad" even though they were already 8 and 5 years old when we met him. Eddie was super excited to meet his new grandson (Jamie's son) but sadly, he passed away before baby Raylan was born in May of 2014. Eddie was hugely important and loved by me and all of us, so much that I cannot express it in words. He enriched our lives so much and I am eternally grateful for all that he was to me, and to us. Eddie's laugh could infect a whole room, he was always goofy and having fun and I learned so much from him. We loved him and miss him so much every day. 

Pancreatic cancer is underfunded and under-recognized. We have all seen the impact that federal research dollars have made for diseases such as breast cancer and AIDS--we need the same for pancreatic cancer, especially as it a leading cause of cancer death. Great "strides" have been made within the past year towards the short term goal of 50% survival by 2020 and ultimately for the elusive cure!

Thank you for supporting the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network advance research, support patients & create hope. They are a 5-star rated charity with very low administrative costs--what Eddie wanted money to go to. Their research has already made some remarkable advancements in diagnosis and treatment but much more must be done.

Please join my team and walk, jog or run with us at Purple Stride Puget Sound--0930, October 27, 2019 at Seattle's Magnuson Park. If you cannot participate physically you can still be a "virtual strider" by donating to my team. Please click JOiN or DONATE above! 

Thank you so much! :)

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