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Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

Our team, Debra’s Troops, supports the PurpleStrides Boston walk in honor of, Debra Miselis. She was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in January 2014, we were told in early February that she had Stage 4 and it was inoperable. That is when Debra’s Troops truly started. Our family is very close-knit and when one of us is down all the troops come marching in. During this time we found the Pancreatic Cancer Network,they are a phenomenal resource with their knowledge and readily available services for anyone that is going through this battle. This is where we were also introduced to PurpleStrides and started forming our team in April 2014. Unfortunately, we lost my Mom in July right after her 60th birthday. She was an amazing woman to all that crossed her path with her kind smile and unconditional loving ways, from her family and friends to strangers in the supermarket. She truly was an Angel on Earth to many. Debra’s Troops walks with our shirts that have on the sleeve "An Angel on Earth, now an Angel in Heaven" with Debra’s Troops on the back and the age she would be. My family and friends are continuing our Debra’s Troops march in the PurpleStrides walk for all victims of Pancreatic Cancer. We hope we can help, in the small way we do, with early detection and a cure, along with anything we can do to support all that have been affected by this horrible disease. Any donation would be greatly appreciated.


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