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  • Wage Hope at PurpleStride. The walk to end pancreatic cancer.

    Wage Hope at PurpleStride. The walk to end pancreatic cancer.

Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

Around the end of June 2017 til August 2017 my mom (Brenda Morris) was diagnosed with a pulled stomach muscle, h-pylori, gastritis and something else I can't remember. However, the pain was intensely persistent during those 8-10 weeks; also, during that time, my mom had gone back and forth to three different hospitals and the Gastroenterology Office at least six times getting lab work, x-rays, cat scans, and a MRI. The doctors’ never noticed a tumor until she got a second MRI on September 1, 2017. On September 20, 2017, my mom was diagnosed with Stage 3 pancreatic cancer; my mom died on January 26, 2018 from Pancreatic Cancer.

My mother lived 4 months and 6 days after being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. This deadly disease has stolen our best and our brightest, but it can't take away our determination. Pancreatic cancer is one of the world's deadliest cancers. People are often diagnosed TOO LATE and DIE TOO SOON!! Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate of all major cancers, at just 9%; we WANT and DEMAND BETTER for PATIENTS!!! We WANT and DEMAND BETTER for SURVIVAL!!

I've stepped up to Wage Hope at PurpleStride, the walk to end pancreatic cancer. Will you help me rewrite the future of this disease by making a donation today?

Every dollar that you give ensures that the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network can continue working to improve outcomes for pancreatic cancer patients and their families. By donating today, you are supporting vital efforts to double pancreatic cancer survival by 2020.

Purple ribbons aren't enough. Please join me in the fight today.

I would also love for you to join my team and walk with me in honor of my BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY who gained her angel wings on January 26, 2018!!

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