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  • Wage Hope at PurpleStride. The walk to end pancreatic cancer.

    Wage Hope at PurpleStride. The walk to end pancreatic cancer.

Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer


A diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer may sound like a death sentence. In 2019 alone, it is expected that about 56,770 people will be diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, and about 45,750 people will die of it this year. It is the fourth most deadly cancer and progresses rapidly. There is no single test or screening that can detect it, making a diagnosis difficult to receive.


I am contacting you today to ask for your support for Sandi and myself in our battle against Pancreatic Cancer. My fight began in November 2015 when I was diagnosed and given a 7% chance of surviving the next five years. After surgery in May 2016, I was cancer free for a year and a month before it reoccurred.


After my second surgery in December 2017, I was declared cancer-free again and was healthy for another year before it metastasized in my lungs. My most recent surgery was in June 2019 where they removed the tumor from my lung and determined through DNA testing that it was a reoccurrence of my Pancreatic Cancer.


I am now being evaluated for a clinical trial sponsored by PanCAN (PancreaticCancer Action Network). Founded in 1999, this organization is dedicated to attacking Pancreatic Cancer through research, clinical initiatives, and patient services. They are advocates for patients who may not have access to the latest research or support systems.


I am fortunate to have the support of family, friends, neighbors, former classmates, and clients. I am also fortunate to have a dedicated, experienced team of doctors who are supported by PanCAN. My wife Sandi and I have used their services in the past and now hope to qualify for one of their clinical trials. We have also referred numerous individuals diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer to their services. They are the leading advocate for Pancreatic Cancer research and support.


Even though all might seem lost with a diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer, there is hope. With the support of PanCAN, the 5-year survival rate has increased from 7% to 9% since 2015. However, the fight is far from over. A donation to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network helps to fund research and give patients like me a greater chance of survival.


Sandi and I would greatly appreciate your financial support for Purple Stride ofCincinnati. If you want to see what kind of impact your donation has, consider joining “Team Lange” at the walk on Saturday, September 28. Donations can be made at


Thank you for your time, and please consider donating to an organization that helps saves lives.



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