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Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

  I am proud to announce our fourth year participating in the PurpleStride. Momma D's Marchers have continued to raise awareness of Pancreatic Cancer since 2014. Our first year as most of you know we've exceeded many goals! We had established an amazing supportive team with the help of friends, family and loved ones. And in the past two years that our team has participated we had raised thousands of dollars that went to The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, in hopes to finding a cure one day for this deadly disease. Our passion and commitment will continue to WAGEHOPE and make a difference to those affected. In memory of our mother, we take the stride <3


  My brothers and I started this fundraiser in 2014 for our mother who was battling Pancreatic Cancer. The year we started Momma D's Marchers we put every bit of love into it. We wanted to support our mother in every way possible. As our mother started her journey, so did we. The year we participated was one of the most memorable Purple Strides eve! It made such a difference to our mom and to us as well. That day she was reminded that she wasn't alone, and wasn't just amongst  loved ones, but others who too were battling against pancreatic cancer. I've never seen so much love, courage and strength as I did that day. And most of all I will never forget the look my mother had. I saw the look of pain leaving and the tears of joy building up. Happiness, something she missed. She never quite her fight and that day on she proved it. I'll always remember my mom being that tough cookie she always was.

To our beautiful mother who had gained her purple wings, we will take the Purplestride to WageHope <3



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