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Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

Team Jane was started as a way to rally friends and family in support of a most wonderful lady.  That was five years ago. Since then Team Jane became a united group participating at Purple Stride Walks, advocating in Congress for increased pancreatic cancer research, fundraising and raising awareness. We always had Jane in mind. We felt her insistence that life was precious and always meant to be lived to its fullest. She inspired us to fight for her cause because we loved her so much.

We lost Jane two years ago year after a 3 year struggle. While she is not here with us, we all feel her presence and remember a truly beautiful and courageous family member and friend.  No one loved life more than Jane. She provided us all with a most valuable road map to live life to its fullest. To live beyond life's typical boundaries to create intense moments of fun, hope and meaning in all matters big and small. She rocked our world and we were the lucky ones to be a part of hers. In just three years, she inspired us all to follow in her path. Despite the darkness of her disease, she continued to light up our lives with her warmth and concern for others. She fought valiantly against this awful disease. Jane would absolutely insist that we continue to stay focused and committed to working together to find a cure for pancreatic cancer. It's with Jane in mind that we come together at the 2018 NJ Purple Stride to walk, remember and celebrate her life. Please join us.  

We are all, and will forever be, Team Jane.  

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