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Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

I started doing this run because my Uncle Charlie died from pancreatic cancer. A lot of my family and friends' families have also felt the ramifications of cancer in their lives. So, I am doing this run for them too.

He never gave up and so I will never give up doing this run, or on anything or person that is important to me.

Time moves quickly. I always hope to be able to take time for him, even if it is one moment a year and send positive thoughts out to him wherever he is now.

He always told me to try to forgive easily, to never give up on people, and that animals are people too. I miss him a lot. But, I also see him in different aspects of my life and through my family.

I would appreciate it you made a donation to this organization and to support me in my run, though more than likely run/walk. The pancreatic cancer network actually donates most of their (minus operating cost) to cancer research, counseling for people, and other support networks. It's pretty cool.

The other people who I will be thinking of when I run who have been lost to cancer are my Aunt Lanna Ramagosa, my grandpa Bill McHugh, cousin Donald Burke, and great-grandma Martha Doucette, my best friend's dad Elpidio Laguna, my cousin-in-law's sister Lisa Vega, my Aunt Joy, and cousin Kathy Dadon who lost their battle to cancer. 

Thanks for reading!

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