Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

This  summer started off great for Susan – her paddle board on top of her new Subaru living her dream… toes in the sand and nothing to worry about but the tide reaching her beach chair. Unfortunately this changed in late July when she started to feel nauseous, tired and very unlike herself. She was admitted to the hospital with Jaundice and through a series of tests and scans was told she should go to a specialist for a second opinion. She went to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia and had an endoscope procedure and has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This was devastating news. Looking on the bright side, the tumor blocked her bile duct causing the jaundice which in turn led to an early detection of the cancer while it is still quite small. 

Susan went to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore for a second opinion. She met with Dr. Wolfgang who gave her a positive prognosis because she is a candidate for surgery and qualifies for a clinical study that includes immunotherapy. Susan decided that she wants to participate in this study which will hopefully prevent a reoccurrence of cancer. The clinical trial will begin next week with the Whipple procedure to follow on October 3rd. 


Pancreatic cancer is a terrifying thing to be diagnosed with but there is nobody we know who will ask more questions, gather more information, plan, take charge of the situation and fight harder than Susan Halloran Young! The rainbows continue to follow her!




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