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Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

Peter is nearing his two-year anniversary since his diagnosis with pancreatic cancer. As most of you know, he is back in treatment since June when they detected spread in his abdominal cavity. So far the treatment is keeping the cancer "under control", but he is living proof why the research under way today is so critical. This is why we support Pancan and all that they do in raising awareness along with funding essential research. 

Many of us did the PurpleStride walk the last two years, and we'd like to have an even bigger team join us this year to raise even more money. Our goal is to get in the top ten teams for fundraising and get our name on the shirt this year! We continue to celebrate what Peter and SCCA have accomplished in his treatment, and to support a critical cause to help fund fundamental research and patient support activities.

Our team has stepped up to Wage Hope at PurpleStride, the walk to end pancreatic cancer. Will you help us rewrite the future of this disease by making a donation today?

Every dollar that you donate ensures that the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network can continue working to create better outcomes for pancreatic cancer patients and their families. By donating to our team, you are supporting vital efforts to double pancreatic cancer survival by 2020. 

Purple ribbons aren’t enough. Please join us in the fight today. 

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