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  • Wage Hope at PurpleStride. The walk to end pancreatic cancer.

    Wage Hope at PurpleStride. The walk to end pancreatic cancer.

Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

Many of you had the pleasure of being a part of my mom Marilyn Dragos' life.  I have been a part of many charitable events but this one hits very close to home.  My mom was never sick, always helping everyone else first up until your last days, the salt of the earth, most selfless woman. She fought breast cancer in her late 40's on her own, not letting any of us know, luckily was contained in a small area and just had to take meds for 5 years.  Fast forward to January 2017, she was pretty sick like I have never seen her before. Come to find out my invincible mother had the worse possible diagnosis I could imagine, pancreatic cancer. At that moment I had so much fear and emotion and instantly felt my world coming apart.  As I sat by her side crying, she looked at me and said god has a plan for us all.  I know she was scared but would never show me that.  Her constant strength and positive attitude is what I strive to be and I was not going to let this break me and give up. With that I whispered to her, we will fight and beat this. That fear and emotion turned into strength and passion to fight a cancer with a very low survival rate.  I spent many sleepless nights researching how people beat it, how diet impacted so much and changed my whole families way of life.  Not one of them liked it, including my mother, but she did it for me, although I know she would call me the food police and many other things to her friends.

A year long battle of ups and downs, failed surgeries, many trips to NYC and chemo treatments, trying to eat healthy and feel functional and always positive, until it became too much to keep fighting a losing battle, quality of life was no longer good.  My happy positive mom was always ill and struggling to eat, walk, and most important to her, shop. Her favorite thing to do. January 2018 after one last trip to NYC hospital and failed additional stent put in, she decided it was time to just let go. As hard as that was for me to give up on her fight, it was her wishes.  

She was a true warrior in all aspects of life and I am thankful for every second I got to spend with my best friend.  I will continue to fight for a cure for this horrible cancer in her honor.  Her fight is done, but mine is not.  Please join me in walking November 11th or donate.

Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate of all major cancers, at just 9%. This deadly disease has stolen our best and our brightest, but it can’t take away our determination. 

Every dollar that you donate ensures that the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network can continue working to create better outcomes for pancreatic cancer patients and their families. By donating to our team, you are supporting vital efforts to double pancreatic cancer survival by 2020. 


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