Tom's Fight





Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

Crappy but true that only 5% of people diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic Cancer live 5 years. When Tom was diagnosed he was given 2-4 months. It was one of the hardest realities I've ever heard in my life. Thank god the kid lived almost three years. He was one of the “lucky ones”. It took a lot of work by family and friends, doctors all around the country, Tom’s fighting personality, and PANCAN’s help to make it that far. 

I would sit on the phone with this organization for hours looking for clinical trials that would help give hope. And hope is one of those things that keep people going. 

It will be 5 years since Tom was diagnosed. Help come keep hope alive for others than need the extra push. Feel free to bike, run, or walk. The main group of us will be doing the walk. We will be meeting at Green Mill after for drinks (maybe a shot of whiskey) and food. 

Tom may not be here to here to fight personally but his hope for a better future is still going. Hope you can join. 

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