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Hello family & friends

Thank you for registering ,and donating to TEAM PURPLE RAIN in the fight against PANCREATIC CANCER. Purple stride, at various times will be taking place in cities all over the country to raise awareness, funding, and to wage hope.

My personal journey with this particular beast began in June 2005. I was having on, and off sharp pain on my right side under my rib cage. A CT scan,and a MRI showed a tumor in the middle of my pancreas, I definately was not expecting to hear that, everything that I knew of pancreatic cancer ( which wasn't much) at that time, was " nobody gets out of this alive ". After meeting with two surgeons on separtate appointments, I was basically told by those DRs. that they were not skilled nor comfortable enough to perform such a delicate surgery, different verbage from them of course. They did guide me to a wonderful surgeon, who did have the experience, and knowledge that was needed for this surgery. Two weeks later I was having a 12 hr.surgery to remove the malignant tumor, and resect the pancreas. With a few complications with recovery, I was released to come home in a little under 3 weeks. I was happy,and scared to be home, too many issues with my TPN ( total parental nutrition) hook up to my liquid food, uncontrolled vomitting, problems with my drain, too many unscheduled 45 minute drives to the Dr., and of the course the PAIN. Through it all I had the love,and support of my husband Dan,family,and friends. I was told by my DRs. family,gi,surgeon, and oncologist that the pain I had on my right side was unrelated to the tumor, but luckily it was found when they did. I disagreed then,and still do today as that pain on my side went away along with the tumor. Most people aren't this fortunate, as there rarely are any symptoms until in the later stages,and prognosis is not very good.

In 2008, I needed another surgery to remove part of my pancreas that was dying off along with a spleenectomy. In 2011, I stopped working due to my health issues, which really effected our life fiancially like it would most. But, I've been lucky,and blessed to have these years to have two more grandchildren to love,see a grandson go to college, youngest son get married , and to celebrate anniversaries with my husband. 

My hope is that I will be joined by many, many more survivors, that testing for early detection will be developed to give people a fighting chance.


Thank you for your support!

Christine Genz



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