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"There's nothing like family..."

"Four years ago, my aunt Jane was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

The diagnosis shook more than just Jane: the news of a tumor quickly spread from one person to another - friends and family alike were plagued by this awful discovery. It was devastating to hear that someone so innocent, and so compassionate, was given such an awful sentencing. How could we come to grips with that?

After the initial shock subsided, we quickly concluded that while we may not have been able to understand why it happened, we certainly didn’t have to accept it as a simple death sentence. We could fight back. So while Jane battled, we did too.

Jane’s tumor was discovered in the Summer of 2013. For the following year, she battled relentlessly. Jane underwent chemotherapy and radiation, and despite awful side effects, her smile never faded. Cancer could never steal her smile.

Jane underwent surgery to remove the tumor, and with chemotherapy treatments, she lived cancer-free.

The dark, grim future faded, and life was simpler. But then, in the Winter of 2015, multiple tumors appeared. Her cancer had spread. Jane battled these tumors with a similar vigor - she failed to relent. But these tumors were different. They couldn’t be beat.

Jane passed away on September 24th, 2016.

She left behind a wide-reaching network of heart-broken friends and family: the same group who joined hands together three years ago; the group who promised to rewrite the future of pancreatic cancer; the group who refused to accept the statistics; who knew that a diagnosis wasn’t the end of a story. This group was, and still is, Team Jane.

Through attending PurpleStride walks, advocating on Capitol Hill, raising both funds and awareness, and sharing our story - Jane’s story - we battled right alongside Jane. She lit the path which guided us, and we followed in her footsteps Waging Hope.

Yet now, we are all at a loss for words. Our leader, our trailblazer, our sweet Jane, is no longer leading us. But this does not mean we stop. If anything, now more than ever, we continue on and fight back… with a vengeance.

So with Jane on our mind and in our hearts, Team Jane endures with both sadness and determination. We will no longer fight with her, but we will fight for her.

So come join us. Be a member of Team Jane at a PurpleStride, or donate money to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network which aspires to rewrite the future of pancreatic cancer. We aren’t done fighting, and hopefully, neither are you."

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