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  •  PurpleStride 2017

    PurpleStride 2017

Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

Steve's Star Warriors

Please join family and friends in celebration of Steve's life and legacy by helping us to raise awareness and funds for Pancreatic Cancer Research.  We are grateful for the $26,000+ raised last year through combined efforts of family, friends, colleagues and Team Cornerstone Macro.  The outpouring of support through donations to the PanCan Purple Stride 2017 was an incredible motivator for Steve. Thank you for showing him that he was not alone in this battle.  Only 3% of individuals diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer survived a year. Steve was one of the 3% Pancreatic Cancer does not come quietly in the middle of the night.  It is a stealthy, insidious, horrific opponent and the  associated chemo therapies and drugs can be just as corrupt. It does not discriminate regarding age, race or gender.  It is expected to surpass breast cancer fatalities this year and be second only to lung cancer by 2020. It saddens me to share that the youngest survivor of the 2017 Purple Stride passed away two weeks after Steve's passing. She was only 28.  There are no early warnings signs and still no early detection tools or tests. Please help us get pancreatic cancer out of the closet and into public view and conversation.  Please become an advocate.  Our accountant believes there is room for growth here, and you can be a powerful force to make it happen.

Steve went out of his way to engage and include everyone with a smile, a laugh and usually, a good joke.  He always believed in being a team player and never leaving work until the work was done.  Well, there's still plenty of work to do.  Please join Steve's Star Warriors Team.  Your donation can change someone's life.  And if you are able, we would be honored...Steve would be have you walk with us.  We welcome and embrace everyone, just as Steve would.

With Love and Gratitude,                                                                                                                  Steph, Jackie and Pat 

"Viggle, viggle, viggle".

"I asked for a chic with long legs who would agree with anything I said!"

"Well, you're not going to be doing anything this might as well mow the lawn!"

"Should I make room for you on the bed?"

"Oh yeah, what team does she play for?"

"Pasteurized?"  "No, just past your armpits!"

"I got three Our Fathers, five Hail Marys and TWO new leads!"

"It's a knickknack, Patti Black.  Give the frog a loan!"

Thank you for 44 years of wonderful...muah.

Purple ribbons aren’t enough. Please join us in the fight today. 





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