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  • PurpleStride 2016

    PurpleStride 2016

Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

My involvement with PanCan began in the Spring of 2010, after my grandfather had been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. In 2010, the median survival rate once diagnosed was 3-6 months, and the five-year survival rate was approximately 6%. That means that in a room of 100 people, in 5 years, only 6 would still be alive. My grandfather was lucky, he was treated at one of the best cancer hospitals in the world and beat the median survival rate; however, the disease still cost him his life. After witnessing his arduous battle, I decided to join the fight against cancer by helping to fund the search for a cure and bring awareness to this disease. Today, the median survival rate is 9%; a 3% increase doesn’t seem huge -- but in that room of 100 people with pancreatic cancer, 3 more will live this year. That is huge. I hope you will join me in keeping my grandfather's memory alive and attempting to relieve others from a similar struggle with cancer.

Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

My very best regards,


Katerina Dimitratos

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