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Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

Once again I walk for, and this team is named for, my FATHER.

Peter Sachs continues on in his fight each and every day. He remains- as ever- unsinkable. In his spare time, he still enjoys cracking Dad jokes mercilessly and inspiring never-ending eye rolls. 

But seriously...

For 2017's intro page I wrote that my father is one of the strongest men I knew, mentally and physically. I still wholeheartedly believe this today. While the fight continues, we are thrilled to say it has been ONE YEAR+ since his diagnosis in January 2017. Unfortunately, this is a milestone that many people with the same diagnosis do not get to celebrate. Therefore, we are thankful for every day we have, and have yet to receive with this amazing & inspiring man.

After being impacted by pancreatic cancer, I have vowed to wage hope and raise awareness. This type of cancer is frequently under-recognized, under-represented, and therefore under-supported. Moments after diagnosis, I remember stupidly thinking, “this cancer can’t be that bad- I’ve never even heard of it!” Boy, was I wrong. Not only is pancreatic cancer a silent and aggressive form of cancer. It is one of the most lethal, carrying only a 9% survival rate. 9% IS ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. I will do everything in my power to raise funds and awareness to help change this statistic. I wage this war not only for my father’s sake, but for anyone who ever has to hear the words “I’m sorry, but you have pancreatic cancer.” It is my personal goal to participate in Purplestrides in new locations every calendar year until I’ve crossed them all off. After that, well, I’ll do it all over again! I am the daughter of a warrior, and now a purple warrior for life.

Team #petersachsstrong was founded for Purplestride-Pittsburgh in 2017. I'm excited to resurrect it for Purplestride-NYC this coming April. Last year, people asked me why on earth I hashtagged (#) my team name- am I that much of a millennial that I speak in hashtags?! For those of you who are wondering the same, here's a little blurb about the origin. 

#petersachs started as a joke in 2014 when my stubborn father refused to create a facebook page just so I could tag him in a picture of our family cat sitting on his lap.This picture- seemingly, unimportant to anyone who doesn't know him personally- was a HUGE deal! Through my entire life, this was the only time I'd EVER seen an animal in his lap! EVERYONE needed to see this!!!! So, I decided tagging with a hashtag was just as good as tagging through facebook. And thus, he ended up with his own hashtag. I've used that method to tag him in pictures and statuses ever since. He and I still chuckle about the ridiculousity of him having his own hashtag, but years later I'm thankful that our battle of wills led me to create it. It makes me smile that I am able to instantly rediscover some of my best memories with one of my favorite men. It makes me smile a little less that I’m forever explaining to my mother what a hashtag is and how it works…

Last year our fundraising goal was $2,017. That number reflected the year that Peter Sachs was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. I couldn't be more proud to say that we BLEW THAT AWAY! Thanks to the amazing people who supported us; we ended up surpassing our goal and raising $2,739!!!! Even better- these funds were donated to Cancer Treatment Centers of America. An institution that we ourselves have visited with my father during his treatment. This year we've upped the ante by a couple bucks. This year we hope to raise $2,022: This number represents the year my father will beat the 5-year survival rate of this unforgiving disease. 2022 is the year my father will stare cancer in the eyes and say “No- not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.” Until then, we fight. 


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