• Wage Hope at PurpleStride. The walk to end pancreatic cancer.

    Wage Hope at PurpleStride. The walk to end pancreatic cancer.

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I’ve stepped up to Wage Hope at PurpleStride, the walk to end pancreatic cancer. Will you help me rewrite the future of this disease by making a donation today

As some of you may know my Grammy Rena has Pancreatic Cancer, what you may not know is that it is one of the most aggressive cancers out there. Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate of all major cancers, at just 9%. This deadly disease has stolen our best and our brightest, but it can’t take away our determination.Last year we participated in a beautiful walk around Magnuson Park to raise awareness and donations for this cancer. My grandmother is the strongest person I know and she has had the best outlook on this bump in the road. She has 6 kids and so many grandkids and family members that she is fighting for. She said over the weekend when we saw her for the holiday “I can either embrace it or I if I don’t I would start to loose the fight” so she shaved her head and now she has an abundance of hats that she loves to wear. She continues to post things that show the light and she is where I get my will to always be positive. Whether you are able to walk with us please consider donating to Gramzillas Grinders. 

Purple ribbons aren’t enough. Please join me in the fight today. 

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