Peace love light & awareness - together!

Redwoods are Love

Love is Redwoods

Redwoods are Nature

Nature is Love

Hang on to what you love, what brings you passion. 

Last year, as I looked at my jogging shoes, I saw dust was collecting on them. I never put them away. Memories of healthy, fun times jogging at the Ocean Beach river path kept my hope alive.

Memories of hugging a giant Coastal Redwood at the Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve kept my hope alive and became my mantra for healing. 

I think many of us with this cancer feel like we have been in a train wreck with 99 other people and we wonder which five or six of us will walk out to continue pursuing our dreams.  

Hope is what matters. Many people will say things that they may feel are realistic, but never let them take away your hope. And if you are so blessed as I am with loved ones, friends, clients, doctors, nurses, volunteers; with healing techniques of modern Western medicine along with ancient Eastern medicine, all these can combine to give you a true feeling of hope. 

Do your best to continue living your dream.

We walk and run in this event to bring more awareness of this very difficult cancer. We are brothers and sisters to each other in a passionate struggle to survive with hope!

Peace, Love and Light - John Chandler

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