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Pancreatic Cancer touched my life and the life of my family in the most painful way, as is always the case with this beastly disease. My Mom fought a fierce and brave battle for almost 2 years living with constant pain, frequent nausea and fatigue, but she always managed to put a smile on her face for her grandchildren and never stopped worrying about everyone else, even when the struggle was almost too much to bear. From the first appointment with her oncologist we were told that the treatment options were few and not curative especially as her case was inoperable. My motivation and inspiration for starting this team is two-fold. First and foremost it's a tribute to our beloved Debs who gave it all she had, seldom lost hope and desperately did not want to leave us and miss out on anything (we always teased her about her bad case of FOMO). Secondly, we need to raise as much money as possible to fund more and more research in order to find a cure for this monster called Pancreatic Cancer!!

By making a donation to me, you are supporting efforts to double survival for this deadly disease by 2020.

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