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Hi Friends and Family!

Thank you for stopping by my Purple Stride page for the 2017 Purple Stride in Charlotte, September 9th. As you all know my mom passed away from this horrible disease on November 20th of 2015. She had fought the cancer for a year and half. She was so strong and brave throughout the whole time. She loved knowing how many people supported her and cared for her during her fight with cancer. She always wanted to attend the purple stride here in Charlotte so bad! Last year was my first purple stride without her physically near me. It was quite difficult but I always feel her around me.  There is an 8% five-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer. In 2016, approximately 53,070 will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and 76% of them will die within the first year of diagnosis. (I don't see the updated 2017 facts yet.) We must raise awareness and funding for pancreatic cancer. 

In 2014 I raised $1,660.

In 2015 I raised $2,115!  

In 2016 I raised $3,927 dollars and my team raised $4,365.  What a phenomenal increase and all because of EVERYONE donating! 

Please consider donating to the Purple Stride Charlotte this year in honor and in memory of my amazing mother whom I miss so much! Feel free to share my page with others as well. 

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