• 3rd place team 2015

    3rd place team 2015

Welcome to the personal page of STACY RUBINSTEIN

My name is Stacy Rubinstein.

Many of you know my background. I’m one of the few who Wage Hope for this disease who has no immediate family member who’s been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I worked the medical marketing end of this cancer in a research study at the University of Maryland Medical center for close to 12 years – so in my eyes, I’ve had MANY family members affected by the purple monster.

For me this is very personal – and it’s the ONLY cause I will ever solicit anyone for funding.

This is the 3rd year our team “Prancers Against Cancer” is participating in Stride Maryland. This is also the 3rd year I’m honored to captain this mighty purple group!

PurpleStride Maryland is on October 9th!
I don’t have loads of time – and I need your help to not only reach my own personal goal but
to help the overall event reach goal. As you can see, both are huge! This cancer has no cure - finding that cure costs money.  I'm asking you to be as generous as possible. This cancer is in desperate need of our help! Every dollar makes a difference.

Perhaps you know of someone fighting for a cure. If so, make that donation in their honor. Their name will show on the scroll bar!


“Nothing Is Impossible With The Power Of Hope!”

Thank you,
Stacy Rubinstein – Team Captain of Prancers Against Cancer

*** On Sunday, September 4, 2016 - Team Prancers Against Cancer lost our dear teammate Nancy Jacobs to Pancreatic Cancer. She will be honored and remembered by her teammates and on PurpleStride Maryland on October 9th.  Below is my tribute to my dear brave friend.***  

Two years ago, shortly before Stride, my husband and I were introduced to a man whose wife, Nancy, had recently been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. Her prognosis at that time was very sketchy. My husband Eric and I made the choice to wear her name on our race bibs and our team added Nancy’s name to our "Striding For..." list. Nobody’s name is written on our team list without personal contact in some way. Eric and I met with Nancy, Scott and their two daughters Julia and Brittany, several times over the course of that year – and a new friendship was formed.

Last year, Nancy agreed to undergo a surgery which had recently moved out of the clinical trial stage. The surgery, performed at Johns Hopkins Hospital here in Maryland, was a complete success. Nancy Jacobs became the living breathing proof that purple miracles DO exist.

She mentally and physically healed quickly – so quickly that the entire Jacobs family joined our Prancers team and participated in PurpleStride Maryland last year. Nancy’s pancreatic cancer story was shared at the event – and she was recognized as the purple hero her teammates had long ago acknowledged. Nancy, a usually shy person, was beaming with happiness and eagerly spoke with anyone for long periods of time. It was a glorious day of celebration for Team Prancers Against Cancer and for all who attended the event!

Earlier this summer, my husband and I were invited to the Jacobs’s home to celebrate the high school graduation of Nancy and Scott’s youngest daughter, Brittany. It was a breezy, beautiful night on Kent Island. Nancy looked amazing! We left that party with happy, grateful hearts.

Shortly after, we received the devastating news. Nancy’s cancer had returned. It had metastasized through what remained of her pancreas and spread to her stomach and ovaries.

On August 15th, vigorous chemotherapy was attempted – with very poor results. On Wednesday, August 31st, less than three weeks after beginning treatment, Nancy was hospitalized. Nancy Jacobs died on Sunday, September 4th. Scott shared that his wife passed away with those she loved the most at her side. She died pain-free and with dignity.

There is so much about Nancy Jacobs that I’ll carry with me. My favorite is the picture I’ve chosen to share from Stride 2015. It’s of Nancy being recognized at the event. Her back is to the camera but the emotions just ooze! She’s got her hands lifted in the air – a sign of freedom – a sign of a champion – a sign of HOPE! But look a little closer. Look into the crowd. You’ll see a grey-haired man wearing sunglasses with HIS hands stretched in the air! That’s Nancy’s wonderful husband, Scott! The two of them weathered this beast side by side – hand in hand – and won!

I sit here, days later, still absolutely stunned – forced to process a loss that has quite honestly blindsided me. I find myself questioning. What should I do? How do I move forward? So I sat quietly and the answers came.

PurpleStride Maryland 2016 is approximately one month away. A tragic, unnecessary death like Nancy’s is why The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is so important. This is why clinical trials and research studies must not only continue – they must grow! This is why there needs to be far better outreach for funding. This is why events like PurpleStride Maryland are critical. And this is why we, as a team – but far broader – we as a pancreatic cancer FAMILY need to push harder to make our purple voices heard.

Prancers Against Cancer will be participating at PurpleStride Maryland on Sunday, October 9th. Our team will be dedicating part of that purple day to our teammate and friend, Nancy Jacobs.

We move forward – Waging Hope - in her memory!
Nothing Is Impossible With The Power Of Hope!
With deep love, admiration and respect,
Stacy Rubinstein - Team Captain of Prancers Against Cancer








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