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Above are some pictures of Grandpa Lou with me, first teaching me about that stingray, and then giving me a big hug after my college graduation ceremony.  Athough these are not the greatest quality photos of him, they are great snapshots into my grandpa's life.  He was there for his family - all of his children and grandchildren, and countless other relatives.  He was the head of our big Italian family, from the beginning until the end.  As far back as I can remember, he was eager to share his love of boating, fishing, and all things nautical with everyone he cared about.  He was always there to support the family and hold us all together. 

In July of 2012, he was diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer, and suddenly we were the ones who had to be there to support him.  He fought a terrible battle for eleven months - one that pains our whole family to think about.  On June 20, 2013, we had to say goodbye. 

One of the worst feelings one can experience is watching helplessly, knowing nothing can be done while a loved one suffers.  No family should have to experience what our family experienced those couple of years ago, and no patient should ever have to go through what my grandfather did in the last year of his life.  My hope is that by participating in the Purplestride, we will increase the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network's funding, and raise awareness of the cause to lead to new developments and treatments - eventaully, maybe even a cure.

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