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Dear friends,

     Once again, I'm supporting the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network by participating in Purple Stride, a fundraising event in Madison, Wisconsin.  It's on May 5th this year.

     Here is a little sales pitch:

     Pancreatic cancer is increasing as a cause of cancer deaths in the US. 

     The chance of surviving even for five years after diagnosis is a dismal 9%.  

     PANCAN is dedicated to improving the prospects of each patient's survival, by funding research, by connecting patients to on-going clinical trials of new or experimental treatments, and by providing information to the public and to those in the medical professions.
     Early detection and treatment (and a lot of luck) helped me out when I was diagnosed with a pancreatic tumor in 2009..

     95% of pancreatic tumors occur as the extremely aggressive adenocarcinoma type, but the tumor in my case was the one-in-twenty long shot.  The pathology report showed it was a neuroendocrine, or islet cell, neoplasm. The oncologist on my case told me later that it was similar to what Steve Jobs had suffered from.

    In May of 2009, I went to Regions Hospital for radical abdominal surgery.  The outcome was successful.   But I didn't begin to get involved in fundraising until after I first heard of the Purple Stride events, which was in 2013.

       I'd been incredibly fortunate to beat the long odds.  And Purple Stride showed me a practical way to help other patients and their families, as they face the painfully isolating ordeal of cancer and the fearful prospect of confronting a daunting course of difficult medical treatment. 

      This will be the eleventh Purple Stride event I've participated in.  Your gift will enhance the research funded by PANCAN and assist in underwriting the valuable services this organization provides to patients and their families.   

     The hope of combating this dread disease continues to depend on scientific research, despite the ascendancy in our benighted nation of a bizarre political and cultural contempt for science.

      If you are in or near Madison on May 5th, please come over to Warner Park for the event.

Thank you.  --- Oliver

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