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  • Keira, Me and Mom April 2017

    Keira, Me and Mom April 2017

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I'm raising money in support of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network by participating in PurpleStride.   My mother has been fighting this disease for a decade.

In 2008 my mother was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer &underwent the Whipple procedure. The surgery claimed 85% of her pancreas, part of her stomach, as well as her gallbladder and spleen.  She became type I diabetic with months of radiation and chemo.   She was considered lucky. She had 5 years in remission before it came back in February 2016 and metasticized to her lungs. She continues her fight today.  In honor of my mother and all others and their families who stand up or stood up to this disease, I am reactivating my team, Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas for the annual PurpleStride Walk to End Pancreatic Cancer.   Please join me on Saturday morning, May 5, 2018 for a beautiful walk in Madison, Wisconsin to raise awareness.   My mother has stubbornly fought this disease as fiercely  as she has fought  the idea of pumping her own gas, despite living in Florida for the last 14 years.  ( New Jersey is only state where you can't pump your own gas). Mom will always be a Jersey Girl.   Any donations are greatly appreciated as more funding needs to go to researching this awful disease.   Thank you for your consideration!      

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