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When I explain my connection to Pancreatic Cancer to someone for the first time, I generally receive the same astonished look of sorrow & confusion.  It is difficult for people to understand how this terrible disease took the lives of my parents Jack & Katie Casey in less than three years!


My family's introduction to Pancreatic Cancer came in June 2012, when we received the news that changed our lives forever. My mother, Katie Casey, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. This diagnosis came nearly one month prior to my wedding, which I know was something my mother was set on attending, ensuring she had her dance with her "baby boy". My mother and I had that dance together at my wedding, something that I will cherish forever. Unfortunately for others, that would be the last time they would see my mother, for she lost her battle to Pancreatic Cancer in October 2012.

As my father and siblings were still dealing with my mother's passing, we received the news that continues to feel surreal as I look back upon it today. For in July 2013, my father Jack Casey was diagnosed with Stage 2 Pancreatic Cancer. After undergoing numerous treatments/chemo, my father unfortunately lost his own battle with Pancreatic Cancer in November 2014. In my father's final days, I was able to share a moment with him that uplifted all of our spirits, for my wife and I informed him that we would be parents and that he would be a "grandfather" once again.

Please help support my efforts for I will be participating in the Purple Stride Charlotte 5K run on Saturday September 9th, 2017 to help raise awareness around Pancreatic Cancer in memory of my parents.


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