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I am Peter Suess. I have been participating in PurpleStride since 2009, the year I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.!The attached picture is from the 2016 event. It is a picture that is near and dear to us of the Survivors who attended in 2016. YES THERE ARE SURVIVORS!!!

The Pancreatic Cancer Action network is dedicated to finding more treatment options for those of us who are Survivors and to increasing the 5 year survival rate. That rate was 5% when I was diagnosed and it is 9% now. Almost doubled. I have had chemo 6 times and half of them were not available when I was diagnosed. Though it  is angonizingly slow and late for many, we are making progress.

Please join our fight to WAGE HOPE on November 18. It is such an honor to be with others who are fighting for their friends and family to make a difference for the future.

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