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Facebook Donate FAQ

Can I promote my PurpleStride page on social media?
Yes! We highly encourage you to promote your page on social media. However, if you are promoting on Facebook, please do NOT use the “Donate” button feature.

What is the Facebook “Donate” button?
It is a new feature from Facebook allowing people to opt into adding “Donate” button to their posts. People who click on the “Donate” button will be able to give to a non-profit via Facebook’s Fundraising platform.

I promoted my PurpleStride page on Facebook and a Donate Button appeared what is that?
When you use DONATE language on a post (“donate please” “fundraise” “donations”), Facebook will add a prompt that reads: “Want to raise money for a nonprofit? You can add a donate button to your post to raise money for a nonprofit on Facebook.”

Do NOT opt into the Donate button if you want your funds to be attributed to your PurpleStride page. Funds given through that donate button will not be added to your pages, and will come through via Facebook and be attributed as anonymous donations.

I thought I was raising money for my PurpleStride page through that Donate Now button can I move those donations to my PurpleStride page?
Unfortunately, we cannot move funds raised through Facebook to your PurpleStride, as the money is being funneled through Facebook and is processed as a lump sum every 2 weeks.

We recommend deleting the post with the Donate Now button immediately. You can still promote your PurpleStride page on Facebook but please opt OUT of using the Donate Now button. That way, people will click the link to your page and donate on your actual page. Please contact our Customer Service at info@pancan.org for additional questions.

Will those people who donated be acknowledged on my PurpleStride page?
Unfortunately, they will not appear on your PurpleStride pages, as they have donated via Facebook and we receive limited information on donations that come through Facebook. We apologize for the inconvenience but if you know who the donors are, we encourage you to thank & acknowledge them in different ways!

I don’t see the option to donate to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Please search for the “Pancreatic Cancer Action Network” and select the organization as your charity of choice.

Can I just create a fundraiser on Facebook instead?
We appreciate your desire to fundraise for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network! There is no way to currently fundraise for your PurpleStride team using Facebook Fundraisers or Facebook’s “Donate” button. We highly encourage you to fundraise on your PurpleStride page by logging into My Strider Central.

You can also still share a link to your PurpleStride page on Facebook, and as long as you don’t select the Donate button, the funds will still go to your personal page.

If you would like to fundraise for something other than PurpleStride, we encourage you to set up your own fundraiser on our Wage Hope My Way site at pancan.org/diy. The money will come directly to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and we’ll be able to provide a lot more support.

Facebook requires a fee, and our ability to acknowledge donations from Facebook is very limited. Of course, if you’d still like to fundraise with Facebook, we are happy to help where we can.

I still want to create one on Facebook how can I create a Facebook Fundraiser?
To create a Facebook Fundraiser: 1. Click Start Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed. 2. Search for Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, then choose a cover photo and fill in the fundraiser details. 3. Click Create.

You can also create a fundraiser directly from the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Facebook Page.

Will I be acknowledged for my donation given through Facebook?
You will still receive a tax deductible receipt, but we will not be able to credit the donated funds to your name. We receive all donations from Facebook in one lump sum and all donations will be credited as an anonymous donation via Facebook.

I deleted my receipt that I received from Facebook. Can you send me a new one?
No, we cannot provide a receipt as that comes directly from Facebook. But you can always get another copy of your receipt in your Payment History on your Facebook page. To view your payment history, click  in the top right of Facebook and select Payment History.

Are there fees to using a Facebook Fundraiser?
Yes there is an operational fee of 5% that is automatically taken by Facebook directly from all donations received through the fundraising app.

As reported by Facebook, 2% covers the costs of nonprofit vetting, fraud protection, and payment support while 3% covers payment processing. PanCAN does not pay any up-front fees.

I made a mistake I wanted to fundraise for my PurpleStride team. Can I move the funds to my PurpleStride page?
Unfortunately, we cannot move funds raised through Facebook to your PurpleStride team. We recommend ending your Facebook Fundraiser immediately and fundraising via your PurpleStride page.