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    November 19, 2019

World Pancreatic Cancer Day 2019
If You Only Have Time For a Few Things on WPCD...

Are you excited for Thursday? As a reminder, there is a minimum commitment for WPCC members to share a single post on World Pancreatic Cancer Day. See below for ideas, and if you can do more, please do! We wish you a successful WPCD 2019!

1. Promote and share the Alex Trebek Public Service Announcement (PSA) and the "Silent Symptoms" video, which is available in 14 languages

Note: Alex Trebek's PSA will also air during JEOPARDY! on Thursday, Nov. 21 (check local listings for showtimes and stations)

2. Engage with WPCD social media channels and content (like, share, RT, etc.)
  • Twitter/Instagram: @worldpancreatic
  • Facebook: @worldpancreaticcancerday
3. Promote and share the 2019 WPCD animated social graphics

4. Use the approved hashtags and tag WPCD:
  • #WPCD
  • #DemandBetter
  • #PancreaticCancer
  • #WorldPancreaticCancerDay
5. Send us your stories, photos, videos, and news: 6. Wear purple!

Upcoming Events

World Pancreatic Cancer Day
Nov. 21, 2019

Save the Date: WPCC Annual Meeting
Sept. 22-24, 2020
Los Angeles

Pancreatic Cancer Conferences in the U.S. and Beyond

Pancreatic Cancer Conferences in the U.K.

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World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition Steering Committee Members

Julie Fleshman, Chair
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (USA)

Barbara Kenner
Kenner Family Research Fund (USA)

Cindy Gavin
Let's Win/Lustgarten (USA)

Daniel Goulburn
#PurpleOurWorld (Australia)

Diana Jupp
Pancreatic Cancer UK (UK)

Kathi Apostolidis
European Cancer Patient Coalition (Belgium)

Stefanie Condon-Oldreive
Craig's Cause Pancreatic Cancer Society (Canada)

Tomás Kruber
Onkomajak (Czech Republic)

Jenny Isaacson
Project Lead (USA)
World Pancreatic Cancer Day Committee Members

Jessica Abelsohn, Chair
#PurpleOurWorld (Australia)

Federica Valsecchi
Nadia Valsecchi Foundation (Italy)

Kate Elliott
Craig's Cause Pancreatic Cancer Society (Canada)

Kerry McKean Kelly
Kelly's Heroes (USA)

Louis Baldachino
Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Gibraltar (Gibraltar)

Louise Ellis
Pancreatic Cancer UK (UK)

Lu Constable
Pancreatic Cancer Action (UK)


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